Level Gauge System

My company's Level Gauge System is a system that Level Gauge Program and Loading Computer Program are integrated.

The Details of the System

The system receives Level Gauge signals from Level Gauge maker and my company's converter creates text data.
My company's LOADSTAR Program reads the text data of Level Gauge automatically and inputting data is automated.

Level Gauge Program

Level Gauge Program converts the signals of Level Gauge maker into text data accrding to the signals.
An LED lamp checks whether the signals of Level Gauge maker are coming of not.
Level Gauge Program is created according to the type and the number of tanks.

Loading Computer(LOADSTAR)

My company's LOADSTER Program has a system that reads the data, which is created by Level Gauge Program, automatically.
LOADSTAR Program is a simple and crew-friendly system.
Also, LOADSTAR Program can read the data of Oil & Chemical Cargo Loading Plan Program automatically.