Loading Computer "LOADSTAR"

My company’s Loading Computer Program "LOADSTAR" is a system that checks safety of vessels and its user friendly menu is easy to use for crew.
My company offers a system which enables users to cope with malfunctions of Loading Computer hardware or trouble of the program on vessels.
My company’s Loading Computer “LOADSTAR” has records of approval by Class LR, Class BV, Class NK, Class KR and Class CCS.

The image of LOADSTAR.

LOADSTAR creates a new condition from this screen using conditions approved by the class.

Result of Trim Calculation

About result of Trim Calculation, it checks Full Draft and Full Displacement.
When the result exceeds, it displays an error message.
At that time, change the data and calculate again.

Result of Stability Calculation

LOADSTAR makes a stability calculation, checks the rules and makes a display.
When the calculation result is unsatisfying, it changes input data and carries out the calculation again

Result of Longitudinal Strength Calculation

It makes a Longitudinal Strength Calculation and checks if the calculation result exceeds S.F. Allowable and B.M. Allowable. Then it displays the result.

Damage Calculation

About Damage calculation, every damage case determined by the class is calculated.
The program checks the calculation result.
When the result fails the check, it is displayed "NG" in red.
If the calculation result fails, change the stowage of the tank and make the Damage Calculation again